What are your favorite albums of 2013?

November 26th, 2013 at 12:31 pm

As I am this time every year, I’m hard at work on my Best Albums of the year list.

If hard work can ever be considered sitting around and listening to a lot of good music, that is.

I’ve got a working list, and I hinted at some of those bands in a mid-year post.

Some of those albums are still on my list, which remains a work in progress and will likely be so until I send it along to my editor.

Also at this time every year, I ask for your help. What have you been listening to recently? What will make your best albums list? In particular, what genres outside brooding pop rock — that’s my wheelhouse — are producing interesting music?

Here’s a good new one that might make my list. It’s by Chvrches, and it’s called “The Mother We Share.” [Note: There's an instance of rockstar language]:

YouTube Preview Image

  • Rick

    Black Sabbath – 13

  • Will Hendricks

    Black Sabbath-13
    Arctic Monkeys-AM
    Queens of the Stone Age-Like Clockwork
    Nin- Hesitation Marks
    Pearl Jam-Lightning Bolt