A secret show remains secret (for now)

September 11th, 2013 at 3:07 pm

I’ve stalled on this post for some time because I hoped I’d have definitive answers. Dig as I might, I can’t seem to gather any more information about a rumored secret show happening tomorrow (Sept. 12) night.

But the buzz is reaching critical mass on Twitter and on the University of Arkansas campus. So I thought I’d probably weigh in on what I do know (and mostly what I don’t).

In a post at about 11 a.m. yesterday (Sept. 10), the Twitter account @uasecretshow posted the following message:



Everything that has followed since has likely been wild speculation.

Here’s what I can confirm:

• The show is NOT affiliated with the University of Arkansas. Several university representatives confirmed not only that the UA is not responsible for the Twitter account, they understand a marketing firm has been hired to make the account a viral one.

• Which means we’re all falling for their trap.

• Furthermore, the show is not on the University of Arkansas campus. Neither facilities management nor the Arkansas Union have any record of a concert taking place. A university spokesman says that it’s also not inside Barnhill Arena.

• If the concert takes place on campus, it’s not authorized.

• The tagline on their Twitter profile alleges the show to be “the first ever secret show at the University of Arkansas” It’s unlikely it’s somewhere physically on campus, and it’s definitely not the first secret show in Fayetteville.” Girl Talk, for one, played a free, secret show at Dickson Theater in 2011.

• As for other potential clubs, Smoke & Barrel Tavern and The Phoenix both have shows already listed on their calendars. Brian Crowne of George’s Majestic Lounge confirms that although there’s no concert listed for that club, the venue is booked for a private party (and it’s not some secret show, unless there is a VERY elaborate ruse).

• It’s also not a fraternity or sorority event, the university’s Greek Life office confirms.

One of the tweets says the artist had a No. 1 album on iTunes, but does not elaborate. The iTunes chart is not exactly the Billboard chart, but it does mean the artist could be a significant one.

What’s everyone else hearing?

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  • Will

    I couldn’t figure out all of the songs on the youtube video (included way too big artists like Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Pink, and Adele) but made a small list of possibles:

    Ellie Goulding
    Calvin Harris
    Jessie J

    Seems like a trolling job. Fayetteville isn’t exactly a city busting out with music venues that you can fit over 500 people in and its not at the AMP.

    • http://www.nwatunedin.com/ Kevin Kinder

      That’s a pretty decent list. Thanks for the homework.

      And, I agree – not many spaces remain. And I’ve confirmed it’s not at George’s, Dickson Theater or the Greek Theater. Not many more possibilities.