How to submit live music news to the Northwest Arkansas Media group (and potentially be featured on this blog)

January 15th, 2013 at 9:41 am

This is all information that I’ve shared before, but I’ve been asked enough about it recently I thought it wise to share it again.

How do events get featured on the blog?

Well, it’s a complicated process, but it starts with submissions from you, our readers. If you are a musician, a venue owner, promoter or someone else with ties to the Northwest Arkansas music scene, email a gig to us.

We sort through the submissions, then add all of them we can verify to our calendar. Of those, a few usually end up being highlighted further with a photo or a short description, either here on the blog or in print courtesy of What’s Up!, our weekly arts and entertainment section.

We also routinely write about local music happenings in the paper, and that’s also a possibility for things that get submitted.

Unfortunately, I don’t always have enough to hunt down gig calendars on websites for every bar and performer in our 12-county distribution radius, so I have to rely on you to submit information.

To summarize: If you can get it to me, I can get it in the paper (or on the blog).

So, email away, and keep in touch, will you?