Benjamin Del Shreve changes musical directions with “The Diamond”

December 7th, 2012 at 12:43 pm

Benjamin Del Shreve

Benjamin Del Shreve has released a pair of very good rock records since moving to Fayetteville. He was in progress on a third, then halted the effort quickly.

Instead, he decided he was done, at least for the time being, with dance-flavored rock ‘n’ roll and the lifestyle that naturally came with it.

Del Shreve, after originally working on the music as a solo artist (and teaching himself to play mandolin in the process) called in his bandmates to complete the project. The new album, “The Diamond,” will be released tonight (Dec. 7) at George’s Majestic Lounge.

The album features acoustic-first takes on songs and features tracks inspired by poetry (“Flower Gathering,” which shares a title with a Robert Frost poem) and Fayetteville (such as “Mt. Sequoyah).

Del Shreve isn’t sure what the reaction will be, but says he needed to satisfy his curiosity and release these songs in this manner.

Tonight, he and his band mates will play acoustic songs, skipping the previous albums altogether. The band will supplement their efforts with a few cover tracks.

Del Shreve talked to me in depth about his transition and why it made sense. Read that story today in What’s Up! or via our website. [Note: Subscriber content]

Admission to tonight’s show, which begins about 9 p.m., is $7.