Some advisories about the AMP’s new home

April 19th, 2012 at 1:27 pm

Somewhat decent photo of the AMP courtesy of Kevin Kinder's cell phone.

Yesterday, I attended a preview event for the Arkansas Music Pavilion, the outdoor tent structure newly planted in its home at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

For several years, the venue was located at the Northwest Arkansas Mall, but a lease agreement between the two parties could not be reached leading up to the this year’s season, which begins tonight (April 19) with Cake.

That forced a move to the new site over the past couple months.

The tent is all set up and ready to go. What follows is a list of things you ought to know about the venue:

• VIP patrons should enter via Knapp Drive. They have direct access to a parking field beside the VIP lounge.

• Speaking of the VIP lounge, it’s farther away from the stage than in years past, but provides vastly improved sightlines.

• Free parking will be available in areas surrounding the fairgrounds. Patrons who wish to pay an additional fee will be allowed to park closer to the stage.

• Construction continues on Knapp Drive, so the best point of access (depending on traffic) is likely going to be Drake Street, followed by a turn onto McConnell Avenue.

• Officials with the AMP expect 5-8 more artists to be announced before the season is over.

• The AMP did announce one new artist yesterday — Luke Bryan, who will perform on June 1. Tickets to on sale at 9 a.m. tomorrow (April 20).

See you tonight?