Ticket giveaway: Big Gigantic

April 18th, 2012 at 7:00 am

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to the Big Gigantic show this weekend at the Arkansas Music Pavilion.

Doors open at 7 p.m. Saturday evening. Music starts around 9 p.m.

To enter, just tell us in the comments (by noon Friday) why you want to go to the show. In case you need a reason, here’s some Big Gigantic:

YouTube Preview Image

  • Jacob

    They are my favorite band.

  • http://twitter.com Blayne Elliott

    By far my favorite live electronic show. No ticket need one.

  • Alex Sullivan

    LOVE BIG GIGANTIC and have never seen them before! i am in desperate need of a ticket!

  • Justin Martin

    One of the most intense live shows around. They have been one of the best late night Wakarusa sets the past two years and always bring their A game. Ready to get down with Big G!

  • Matt

    Big G is the perfect mix of a dj and live band. Whomp whomp!!

  • Matt

    Big G is unique, and that’s why I love this band so much. Who knew mixing some sax with some womps would be so face melting, I love it! Keep grinding Big G!

  • Ashley

    Over the past 3 years Big G has become one of my favorite shows to go to. Not only do Dom and Jeremy kill it on stage with their ever changing music and lights, but these boys keep the energy so amazing. Every time that I have seen these guys Dom acts like its the best time of his life, which is awesome for the crowd. Not to mention both of these guys are so nice and great to their fans. I would really love to win tickets to this show because, as of now I cant afford it and this will be the first Big G show in Fayetteville that I will be missing. Please please please pick me!!!

  • Ben Hines

    As a musician myself, I am inspired by Dom’s tenacity and creativity. Fusing the sound and soul of jazz influenced sax with the intensity of live drums wrapped up with the veracity and ever-changing dynamic of electronic music is something that I can’t say I’ve seen done the way Big G does it. I’d absolutely hate to miss a great opportunity to see such a cutting edge band perform.

  • Nicholas Patton

    Because I wanna go HAM in fayettenam and because they’re new lights look like the tits. Not to mention, most importantly, that they melt faces everytime.

  • Chad Coldiron

    Basically I always meet my next girlfriend at the Big G show in Fayetteville. Help a brother out and get me a dancing princess. Plus I just I just got some new dancin shoes!

  • http://Www.facebook.com/Caitlin.coley Caitlin

    They are one of the greatest musical duos I’ve heard that has come from the last 3 decades. I will be a fan of theirs til the day I die. :)

  • Kim

    Big G is an amazing electronic group and one of my all time favorites. I love the way they they mix heavy bass with the sweet sweet sound of that saxophone. Their new cd is amazing I cant stop dancing to it. I would love to see them live so i can dance the night away!

  • bently

    How could somebody not want to see BG live! Jeremy Kills it on drums and dominic is an amazing saxophonist! also, he might just be the sexiest live performance you could ever witness.

  • ashlee dupriest

    I love big g and i want to go so bad but i am a poor broke college student haha please pick me :)

  • http://Facebook Skyler Baker

    Ive seen Big Gigantic and Paper Diamond one time in Tulsa, OK. I have been waiting for them to come close enough again and this concert is my chance! My manager from my work(he rages with me) said if we win these tickets he will schedule us off and we can go. I would LOVE to see both of these amazing artists at ONE time this close to my home town. 😀 much love everyone <3

  • Tyler M.F. Hundley

    To put it in simple terms I just want to go!! Saw big G once and don’t even remember the show! So it would be sweet to see them again! Word!

  • Dalenna Do

    It’d be my first time to go to a show like this. SoOoOoo EXCITED to experience the music!

  • Brad

    I’m a fan, came to the St. Louis show and i’ll be bringing a guy that hasn’t ever heard of BG

  • Meg J

    Because we’re driving 8 hours from Starkvegas to see them twice in one week…AND Paper D is gonna be there. Third time to see them both, LUCKY NUMBER 3!

  • Matt

    Whenever you are at a show..and you get the craziest goosebumps from the insane melodies coming from the saxophone but at the same time sweat your glands off by raging to the wobbles and basslines, THAT is a person that deserves free tickets. & that person should so be me! Plus whoever spends more on sour patch kids, gum, water, AND brings their camel backs to share with ragers at the show most definitely deserves free tickets! Let me rage with you Big G! Hook it up! :)

  • The Sugar Warp

    To me,
    Big Gigantic represents the perfect marriage of electronica/digital & acoustic/analogue instrumentation on the live stage at the very core.
    And that’s not in addition to the unforgettable visual/spectral meltdown that glues the experience together.

    What is there not to like?
    The Ying and The Yang

    A night with the Big G at the AMP would also be a homecoming of sorts based on the trivial fact that I worked the backstage of the venue when i turned 18 many years ago and did so for a couple more years.

    They brought out many classic acts in their formative years but I felt the choice of acts to play at the AMP just didn’t have enough spice, kick,…OOMPH???!

    What a great way to enjoy my weekend than to have my mind simply blown away by colors & sound….and being proven wrong!

    And what better way for the tickets to be given away than to a real fan…

  • beth

    Because they are awesome!

  • NWA Media

    We have a winner, Matt, who posted “Big G is the perfect mix of a dj and live band. Whomp whomp!!”

    Matt, check your email and get in touch as soon as you can so we can get you set up with some whomps.

  • Cassandra Halbrook

    I’m a mother of who loves her son and my son means everything to me! My son LOVES the band PERRY!!!!!!
    I want to give my son the world but I can’t afford it. So, I was hoping to get your help with free tickets to the concert. My son would appreciate the tickets. He would always remember the concert because he wants to see the band PERRY in concert very bad!!!!