Art Amiss toughens up for latest compilation

January 27th, 2012 at 1:21 pm

Art for "The Hills Have Amps," a metal compilation being released tonight at Smoke & Barrel.

Art Amiss has released several compilation albums that chronicle the various genres in Northwest Arkansas. This one stands to be the heaviest of them all, and for several reasons.

The newest compilation “The Hills Have Amps” will be released tonight (Jan. 27) at Smoke & Barrel Tavern. The new recording will first be available as a 12-inch vinyl album, meaning it will physically be heavier than the CDs the group normally hands out.

But it will be heavy musically, too. The album features songs from several Northwest Arkansas metal bands. One of the bands featured on the recording is VORE, who have been performing for nearly 20 years. Page Townsley, vocalist and guitarist for VORE, chatted with me about the state of metal in Northwest Arkansas, his band’s contribution to the compilation album and more.


Read the story here [Note: Subscriber content] or see the band live tonight at Smoke & Barrel Tavern, where the group will perform during a launch party for the new record.

Admission to tonight’s show is $10, but that price includes a vinyl copy of the album (which further includes a download card for electronic copies of the songs, too). Speaking of electronic copies, we understand the album will make its way to the Art Amiss Bandcamp page.

The show begins at 9 p.m. Also performing are Potions and Lightbulb Detective Agency.