Wakarusa 2011: What to bring and what NOT to bring

May 25th, 2011 at 1:01 pm

A man brings attitude to Wakarusa 2010.

It’s almost here, and it’s probably about time to start packing. Wakarusa begins June 2 (that’s next Thursday) and we’ve compiled a list of 10 items (5 essential, 5 very nonessential) that you should anticipate bringing and NOT bringing to this year’s festival.

1. Toilet Paper — Soft, cushiony toilet paper is a must. Wakarusa organizers place several portable toilets that basically act like human-sized ovens. It’s unbearable to just enter one, so it’s best to come with comfort in mind. And you don’t want to end up going to pooparusa.

2. Tent Stakes — If you don’t plan on sleeping in a RV or your Volkswagen van, you should plan on bringing a tent and some stakes. Every year a few tents go flying when the wind picks up. And those tents inevitably land on someone.

3. Trash Bags — People, whether camping or at their house, create a lot of garbage. It’s best to just collect it in campsite garbage bags, so bring your own and keep those hippies from slipping on your banana peels. The festival will provide you with a trash bag and a recycling bag, but you don’t want to get caught with a pile of crap beside your tent. It scares away the men/ladies, whichever you are trying to attract.

4. Good Shoes — Or sandals. Whatever your foot-mate of choice tends to be, better to bring ones that won’t wear out from all the walking. Sand and dirt get really bad when the site dries out. Also, expect a bunch of mud near any of the water units.

5. Flashlight — It gets really dark on the festival grounds at night, and especially so in the portable toilets, and hey, you want to see what you’re doing in there. We recommend wearing a camper’s headlamp, or tying the flashlight around your neck with a string. Don’t try to put the flashlight in your mouth, as you’ll almost surely drop it right in the toilet. Trust us.

1. Crack Lighter — Last year, we made the mistake of bringing a lighter that had too long of a flame. So, if you smoke, it’s best to go with a normal short-flame lighter.

2. Glass — If this concerns you because you’re a beer snob, Heinekin now makes cans. Problem solved.

3. Fireworks — Fireworks are not permitted on the site, nor, technically, are the flaming globes that are made with candles and plastic sacks. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you see them. Except, don’t make them. It’s not permitted.

4. Your Dog — It’s already nearly impossible to sleep, with all the music and noise and people and whatever else. The last thing I need is to hear your dog barking, too. Besides, I’ve heard dogs, in general, do not like the music of My Morning Jacket. It’s not worth risking a riot.

5. Your attitude — Just don’t do it, man. We’re there to relax, have a good time and listen to some music. Don’t be that guy (or gal) who doesn’t want to have a good time.

This post was compiled by Jon Schleuss and Kevin Kinder, two NWA Media employees that will be covering the festival live and in person. Say hello, if you’d like. We’ll still look like hippies, but we’ll look like hippies with nice cameras.