Concert Wrap: Colbie Caillat, Aug. 24 @ AMP

August 25th, 2010 at 5:30 pm

Colbie Caillat. All photos by KEVIN KINDER, NWA Media

“Bubbly” is a hit song from Colbie Caillat, but it’s just as fitting when used as an adjective for the California popster.

In a brief, 70-minute set, Caillat and her backing band delivered a lathering of sugar-sweet pop about love and lust and everything in between. That hit song, for instance, talks about a love that makes her crinkle her nose and smile. Another popular tune, “Lucky,” originally performed with Jason Mraz, talks about being in love with your best friend.

It’s pretty harmless stuff, which is no doubt why the Arkansas Music Pavilion, where Caillat and her band performed on Tuesday night, was filled with Tween girls and the parents that brought them.

Caillat, dressed in a silver top so sparkly that it doubled as a disco ball when the spotlight was shined on her, played songs in equal parts from her two studio albums, “Coco” and “Breakthrough.” Caillat rarely strayed from the soft saccharine in tracks such as the evening’s opener, “Fallin’ For You,” and other cuts such as “Oxygen” and “The Little Things.”

Even when she did delve into darker territory, if you could call it dark, such as “Begin Again,” she mentions wanting to regain a love she once had.

She also covered Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way,” a song her father, Ken Caillat, produced when it was originally recorded by the classic rock band in 1976. Colbie Caillat’s voice, through pleasant and warm, doesn’t have the gumption of Stevie Nicks, the woman who first belted out that song.

Perhaps Caillat is a little too nice for that song.

She’s no Stevie Nicks, but she’s no Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera/generic popstar, either. Caillat has co-writing credit on most of her songs and, though sparingly, plays guitar. Lyrically, she’s a lot more wholesome, too.

Which helps to explain the relaxed, sunny atmosphere at the AMP last night. It may not have a lot of substance, but for the 750 or so gathered to watch, it went down pretty sweetly.

About the opening act:

Justin Young

Justin Young, guitarist for Colbie Caillat’s band (and Caillat’s rumored boyfriend) opened the set. He’s part Jack Johnson, part John Mayer and a little bit of Jason Mraz. He had nice dreadlocks and batch of songs about girls.

Colbie Caillat set list: 1) Fallin’ For You; 2) Begin Again; 3) What If; 4) Realize; 5) Oxygen; 6) Fearless; 7) Lucky; 8) did not catch the title of this song; 9) Midnight Bottle; 10) Shadow; 11) The Little Things; 12) song by band member Andy Bennett; 13) I Never Told You;

Encore: 14) Go Your Own Way [Fleetwood Mac cover]; 15) Bubbly