Nugent pulls no punches

July 2nd, 2010 at 1:01 pm

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent has earned the nickname “Motor City Madman” as both an author of high-octane rock and roll and a reality television staple.

He’s also earned another nickname, he tells me in an e-mail question-and-answer session, but you’ll have to read past the jump to get the full interview.

Nugent, traveling the country on the “Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead” tour, The Nuge will stop tonight (July 2) at the Arkansas Music Pavilion in Fayetteville and July 13 for a club show at Neumeier’s Rib Room in Fort Smith.

Tickets for tonight’s 7 p.m. show are $15-$75; tickets to the July 13 show are $40.

Until the show, makes sure to read our Q&A session. It’s unedited, in all of its glory and located below.

We’ll see you at the show.

Q: You’ve got a lot of nicknames, such as “Sweaty Teddy” and the “Motor City Madman.” Do you have a favorite nickname, and what is it about that nickname you like?

A: ‘Hey a–hole’ gives me goosebumps.

Q: Did you earn that nickname?

A: Daily.

Q: You’re certainly a busy man between your hunting ranch, television shows and other interests. Where does playing music fall into your priorities?

A: Top-o-the-heap. My music has a life of its own and represents the pure, ferociously independent animal passion I have for life.

Q: Are you still writing new material? When might we expect something new from you, and what will it sound like?

A: I give natural birth to new brutal R&B and R&R masterpieces daily. I can hardly stand myself. I’ve got wads of killer new songs that I can’t wait to capture on tape. We shall unleash the beasts ASAP!

Q: Tell me a little about the band that backs you in concert.

A: Thanks to a special arrangement with the parole board, Mick Brown on drums and Greg Smith on bass throttle my music into a fiery display of intensity every song, every lick, every concert, every night. These guys have so much spirit, attitude, talent and p— and vinegar that I celebrate the ultimate guitar player’s dream nonstop. I am a very lucky man.

Q: Clearly, you’ve got a lot of music that fans expect you to play if they come out to see you perform live. How do you balance your set lists from night to night? Do you change it up often?

A: Choosing a 2-3 setlist is one of the most challenging complications of my life. We have jammed up a 100 or so of my favorites, including some killer new songs that we kick into each night. It is way too fun.

Q: You’re very outspoken in your political beliefs. How much of that comes out during a concert, and in what context?

A: I am such a hopelessly honest, patriotic American that I let my instincts guide the spontaneity of each night. I have serious moments but always have maximum fun with it. With the Mao Tse Tung fan club in the White House, it would be irresponsible to stand idly by and fail to perform my moral obligations as a participating “we the people” celebrant. It gets wild sometimes.

Q: I understand your current outing is called the “Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead” tour. What inspired that name?

A: Attitude, defiant, take no crap rugged individual spirit and attitude as exemplified by the heroes of the U.S. military that I am blessed to spend dynamic time with training, hunting, fishing and just shooting the breeze around campfires. If only the soulless disconnected bureaucrats in Washington would let these mighty warriors get the job done that they are trained and dedicated to.

Q: You’ve been in Arkansas before, I assume. Have you had any particularly memorable shows or happenings in this area?

A: All my AR experiences have been wonderful. The good (former) Gov. Mike Huckabee is a dear friend and duck hunting BloodBrother. My AR rock-n-roll and AR hunting joys are things that dreams are made of.

Q: Tell everyone in Northwest Arkansas why they should come see you in concert on July 2 in Fayetteville or July 13 in Fort Smith.

A: Everybody needs a little skull rearrangement now and then, and my music makes it not only painless, but overly joyous. You people deserve me.