Concert Wrap – 3 Penny Acre, Feb. 12 @ GoodFolk

February 13th, 2010 at 10:07 am

3 Penny Acre

3 Penny Acre

We know that good things come to an end.

And one did on Friday night at GoodFolk Productions in Fayetteville, where local folk act 3 Penny Acre played their last set together as a quartet as guitarist/vocalist/banjo player Shannon Wurst has announced her intentions to pursue a solo career on a full-time basis.

It was just two years ago that the group came together, and I was at the first concert.

As playing 100 or so gigs per year will do to a band, the group that was onstage Friday night was a much improved version of their former self. Their interplay was crisp, their harmonies rich and their presence commanding.

The night included a set by Wurst as a solo artist and then a set by 3 Penny Acre as a trio, including members Bayard Blain on mandolin and guitar, Bryan Hembree on guitar and Bernice Hembree on upright bass, seemingly to prepare everyone for the inevitable split.

The four then converged for a combined set that culminated in hugs and bittersweet tributes.

Wurst’s solo tracks will be part of the album “What’s More Honest Than A Song,” which she intends to release later this month.

The songs played by 3 Penny Acre as a trio come courtesy of the album “Highway 71,” which is expected to be released in May.

The bulk of the songs played during their combined set were primarily from the band’s self-titled 2009 album.

This is a band of infinite charm and a knack for writing a story songs of depth and poignancy. That certainly won’t end as they go separate ways, but, considering some of the accolades the band has earned together, there is some uncertainty about the future.

Good things often do come to an end. Let’s hope that other good things can come from those ends.