Listen Here First — Emily Kaitz, Oct. 21 @ GoodFolk

October 16th, 2009 at 6:03 am

Emily Kaitz, right, with Drew Pierce

Emily Kaitz, right, with Drew Pierce

Emily Kaitz is no stranger to the local music scene. She’s a frequent contributor on others’ work and has produced several albums, too.

The last time she released an album, in fact, it was as a collaboration with Texas songwriter Bruce Jones.

This time, it’s her turn.

Kaitz, who moved to Northwest Arkansas in the late ’90s after a successful career in Austin, Texas, will release her newest record, “Don’t Think It Hasn’t Been Fun,” at a concert that begins at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday (Oct. 21) at GoodFolk Productions in Fayetteville. Admission is $10.

Like much of her work, many of the songs are collaborative in nature, with musicians such as Drew Pierce on banjo, Keith Grimwood (of Trout Fishing in America) on bass and Kelly Mulhollan (of Still on the Hill) on various stringed instruments. But these songs are all written by Kaitz, some dating back 30 years ago. The songs were recorded over the course of the past five years at several studios including one in Austin, one in Nashville, Tenn., and several local outlets as well.

Read more about the songs and how (and where) they were constructed in our story here.

Although there are several serious cuts on the album, Kaitz mostly sticks with her habit of creating funny, irreverent folk songs.

You can hear most of the songs when she performs at GoodFolk backed by Pierce, Mulhollan and Grimwood, or, catch a sample below.

The song “Shpilkes,” was inspired by a Yiddish word that local jazz enthusiast Robert Ginsburg once told Kaitz. Ginsburg appears on the track as a guest vocalist:


The song “Ivorybill” is about a supposed sighting of an ivory-billed woodpecker, which is thought to be extinct.:


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